About us

What is SmartERP Platform?

SmartERP Platform is a modern user-friendly cloud-based system that enables you to plan, budget, and conduct operational as well as financial activities, with authorization and control, to streamline the flow of the entire business process in an effective and efficient way. This cost-effective ERP system takes care of the transaction processing stages up to generating reports for all the branches to give you a complete package.

SmartERP Platform covers all your business operations such as Sales, Purchases, Payables, Receivables, Inventory & Fixed Assets, seamlessly integrated with your General Ledger system.

Furthermore, this helps your company eliminate inefficiencies in your operations and processes by allowing you to concentrate on key strategic decisions, rather than worry about your back-end systems.

How Can SmartERP Platform Benefit You?


Provides Flexibility

Gives you the flexibility to operate and monitor from anywhere around the world.



The business will be able to meet regulations through SmartERP Platform and generate compliant reports.


Store documents

The business will be enabled to store official and important documents related to employees and transactions so that a record can be maintained for future purposes.


Automated Reminders

SmartERP Platform will provide you reminders i.e when the contract of an employee expires, birthdates, employee passports, etc. Moreover, the system provides reminders i.e. contract expiry of your suppliers or clients and tax due dates.


Integrated Workflows

Lets you see how your business process works and helps them streamline and optimize it for best results and high efficiency.


Business Analytics

SmartERP Platform enables you to analyze the reports that are being generated by the system to track the strategy that was initially formulated and if any changes are required.


Organized Business Process

Organize all operations and business processes in SmartERP Platform by structuring activities and tasks in sequence.


Saves time

SmartERP Platform handles the operations and once the transactions have been posted, the system also generates reports which makes analysis easy and effective.


Digitalize Payments

You are able to send and receive cash through various payment modes in a safe and secure manner.


Why SmartERP Platform?


Cost Effective

Sophisticated softwares don’t have to be expensive. You can use the software with zero capital investment and zero maintenance charge with free upgrades every time.


Easy to use

Being sophisticated the software is very simple to use. SmartERP Platform can be used by anyone who has very little knowledge about computers and softwares


Keeps you Compliant

SmartERP Platform will most importantly make you compliant with the government regulatory requirement for payroll and employee management. Undoubtedly, it will assist in handling various payroll enquiries from your audit.


Biometric Integrated

Being an online solution, SmartERP Platform also has an on-premises Time & Attendance Module that is integrated with ZKT & Anviz Devices. Thus, the monthly attendance data can be easily uploaded for payroll processing.