Sales & Purchases

The sales & purchase module in SmartERP Platform will accommodate each and every operational feature relating to sales and purchases. Every document required to initiate and complete transactions can be customized and controlled using our workflow processor.

So for your procure-to-pay process, you can start by creating a purchase request and through the approval system, you can control ordering, receiving, storing and counting your stock. You can also control approvals for booking supplier invoices and paying them.

For your sale-to-receive process, you can start by creating a quotation, and through the approval system, you can control client credibility, deliveries, invoicing and collections.

For both sales &  purchases, you can control the returns, including matching returns to supplies or deliveries and issuing the relevant debit/credit notes.


Professional Documents

Companies can create customizable templates i.e proforma, tax invoice, delivery notes and purchase orders to impress your clients.


Direct Emailing

SmartERP Platform enables you to email client statements, invoices and purchase orders. You will also be able to see a preview of the particular document
before sending those emails.


Aging Analysis

Manage your cash flow efficiently by tracking your receivables and payables in various customizable period brackets.


Allocation of Payments and Receipts

You can allocate payments and receipts on invoices that have not been fully paid or received and the system will calculate if any balances are pending.


Inventory Integrated

SmartERP Platform will automatically affect inventory whenever a purchase, transfer or sale of a particular inventory has been made. Also, if the inventory selling and buying prices have been set up, it will automatically appear in the relevant documents when a product is being purchased or sold.


Branch Management

System supports inter-branch controlled operations as well as branch accounting in order to manage all your branches centrally.

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