Job Card

The job card system in SmartERP Platform enables you to track procedures and items of inventory that have been used to complete an assignment.

Further, it helps you track the progress of a project or assignment from initiation to completion. All the costs related to the assignment can be accumulated and based on which an invoice can be sent to the client.


Provides analysis on assignments

SmartERP Platform will generate reports on the profitability of the job card in terms of amounts as well as the margin of profit that was made for a specific client. Further, you can track the proformas that have been converted to a job card then to invoices.


Cost Tracking

The job card system in SmartER Platform will record relevant costs related to a particular assignment and maintain total accumulated costs till completion.


Issuing Invoice

Invoices can be issued straight after the completion of the Job card after the accumulated costs have been calculated to save time from creating a new invoice.

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