The accounting module in SmartERP Platform enables you to manage all their accounting and financial needs. This will help you to reconcile and accurately measure where their business stands in order to make informed decisions.


Easily Manage Cash Flows

Track the operating cash inflows and outflows of the organization to maintain an effective operating cycle and plan according to the availability of cash forecasts.


Manage Regulatory Deadlines

The accounting module will give you a scheduler to set your regulatory payment commitments and prompt you regularly to the impending deadlines. SmartERP Platform will also help you prepare the payment schedules, reports, forms and upload files where applicable to save you time.


Simplified Contra Entries

You will be able to easily transfer cash between various cash and bank accounts irrespective of currency.


Easy Reconciliation

SmartERP Platform enables you to perform bank reconciliation within the accounting module. The bank statement and the cashbook of the companies are compared and differences reconciled.


Internal Reports

SmartERP Platform has the capability of generating reports that you and your management can use for internal purposes to be able to formulate and track the strategies through internal analysis and many other forecasts with reports such as stock wise sales reports and asset custodian reports as well as loan/advances reports.


Statutory Reports

SmartERP Platform will generate reports for you according to templates that are required by the related legislations according to the format required such for basic financial statements such as balance sheet, profit and loss, trial balances and more.

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