How An ERP Can Help Business Organizations In Their 3 Ps of Organizational Success

How An ERP Can Help Business Organizations In Their 3 Ps of Organizational Success

The concept of these 3 terms is in existence for decades and many successful businesses thrive on these 3 terms: People, Product, and Process. With ERP softwares, achieving this have become simpler than ever.

While these 3 terms can be used in different contexts and definitions, in business, the 3 Ps are the fundamental building blocks for the success of any business.

As technology continues to play a massive role in the businesses today, it can help you to drive these 3P’s in the best interest of your business operations.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) softwares can allow business managers to easily keep their track and analyze their People, their Process, and their Product.



For an organization, people are their most valuable assets. Equipping them with right technology will further add value in their day-to-day operations.

Equipping a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module for your sales team will enable them to take care of your clients in the most efficient and effective manner. For instance, In SmartERP, the CRM module will allow your sales team to record customer requests and assign them to the right team and track if the service delivery is done on time. The CRM module not only assist your sales team to take care of existing customers but also allow them to build their pipeline and track prospective customers.

Another best example of empowering your people with right technology, would be of providing Payroll Management Module integrated with Time & Attendance (T&A) to your Accounts & HR Team. Indeed, this will serve ease to the painful and mundane job of your accounts and HR people whereby the employee records will be digitally stored in the system. Time & Attendance Machine will do its job in collecting the attendance data and end of the month the digital data would serve in processing the payroll in no time with the help of ERP system.

The system further eases the job by producing salary registers, pay slips and statutory reports in no time. Without a doubt, ERP systems will help your people to perform their job more efficiently and make use their time on the task that helps the organization to scale.



ERP systems are known for streamlining business processes no matter how simple or complex they may be.

In the day-to-day business, imagine the sales department is creating a bill and the manual invoices are written and given to the clients. End of the day, all the bills are collected and given to the accountant, whereby they maintain a long register to record the bills. Now, the possibility of making an error can increase i.e., recording wrong amounts or missing out on some bills. Over and above, there is a major work on consolidating cash and credit bills to follow-up from the clients, who have taken goods on credit.

The billing module in SmartERP solves this entire hassle whereby the sales counter is enabled to issue instant bills and receipts directly from the system, giving the accountant a complete control of cash and credit bills each day.

Thus, each manual process in your business can be transformed into a digital process to improve speed and efficiency in the organization to give you more control on your business.



The product and services you sell is what defines you as a company. Knowing the value of the products or services you sell will allow you to analyze your company’s strength and weakness.

It is important to analyze your products using different variables to make sure you are selling the right product at the right time. For example, you can analyze the buying behavior of customers for a specific season or a festival, or analyze the fastest-moving product for a period to plan and organize your sales accordingly.

With the use of ERP systems, you will be in full control of your inventory knowing the product location and the value of your stock and it can remind you when your inventory reaches its minimum order level. The ERP system can help you with automated purchase orders as your stock reaches Minimum Order Level to ensure you are not running out of your inventory while operating your business.

In conclusion, ERP systems can empower your core fundamentals of business i.e. People, Process, and Product to bring in more efficiency for organizational success.

There are many cloud ERPs available in the market, however, it is important to align with the right technology partner. We at Imatic Technologies Limited (ITL) in Tanzania, also help businesses to organize and help to grow with the use of technology.


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