HR & Payroll Module

HR & Payroll

SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module will simplify your hassle of payroll processing. It takes only 2 seconds to process the payroll of your more than 1000 employees and then instantly generates the following documents on simple clicks:

  1. Salary Sheet
  2. Pay Slips
  3. Provident Fund Contribution Documents
  4. PAYE & SDL Payment Slips
  5. Workmen Compensation Document
  6. TRA PAYE & SDL E-Filing

Above all, SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module helps you to be ready for quarterly and annual regulatory compliant reports such as P9, P10 & WCF reports.

The HR & Payroll module organizes to store your employee information with their documents and enables quick retrieval of information on fingertips.

In conclusion, SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module is an organizations delight that will make your business compliant with the regulatory requirement and simplifies work to ensure proper employee data management with their HR & Payroll requirements.

SmartERP Payroll Dashboard

SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll Module Functional Demo

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Payroll Payslips

Print Professional & Multi Language Payslips


Swahili & English Payslips

SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll can print both English and Swahili Payslips in various standard formats that suits your organization. It gives comprehensive information about the current salary to the employee with zero questions.


Email Pay Slip

SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module will enable you to email electronically signed payslips to your employees. You can choose to select the employees who want payslips on their emails.


Sample Payslip

Just type your email address below and we’ll send you a dummy payslip as an example of what you can expect when you sign up for SmartERP Platform.


    Print Cheques or Bank Payment Instructions


    Print Cheques

    If you pay your salaries in cheques, SmartERP Platform will help you printing the cheques after the salaries are processed. It will completely eliminate human errors of cheque writing.


    Bank Payment Instructions

    SmartERP Platform has all the bank payment formats built-in. Thus, it will enable you to simply extract the file and send it to the bank for salary payments.

    How SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll Module can Benefit your Organization ?


    Information Up-to-date

    SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module will assist you to keep up-to-date employee information such as Photos, Personal Information, Employee Documents, Payroll, Outstanding Loans, Assets Assigned, Leave, etc.


    Makes you Compliant

    Your payroll will be well organized and ready for any inquiry that might come from Labor Authorities, Revenue Authorities or Audit. It will ensure undisputed payroll making sure you focus on business activities.


    Makes you Organized

    SmartERP Platform will provide you a sense of control on your employee records & information as this data will be available at any point in time whether you or your employee requires making you organized & effective.


    Encourages Quality Work

    The HR & Payroll module in SmartERP Platform will save lots of your accounts department time doing minuscule jobs for processing payroll. The department will be tasked to do critical & quality job rather than calculating payroll manually.


    Eliminates Dependency

    The HR & Payroll will eliminate any kind of dependency as the payroll processing, payroll return submission & filling will be system driven. The implementation will bring in process discipline.


    Avoids Labor Conflicts

    SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll accurately calculates your payroll with precise calculations on deductions, absenteeism, overtimes, leave and provides all the salary information on the payslips with clarity that avoids confusion and unnecessary conflicts.

    SmartERP Platform Highlights

    Why SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll?


    Cost Effective

    SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll is a comprehensive software at a cost-effective price, in addition, you get free upgrades with zero maintenance fees.


    Easy to use

    SmartERP Platform is designed with the principles of computer science to make it more user-friendly and easy to use.


    Access anywhere

    SmartERP Platform is a cloud-based software that allows you to access from anywhere and manage your operations.


    Biometric Integrated

    SmartERP Platform HR & Payroll module can be easily integrated with any Time & Attendance Device for monthly automated payroll processing.

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