The inventory module in SmartERP Platform enables you to obtain high control on the movement of inventory with as detailed capturing of information related  to gain articulate and precise handling of inventory which will minimize risks of theft and misplacements.


End-to-end Tracking

Regardless of the industry you are in, our inventory module will help you track your inventory from the time you buy it up until you sell it and/or providing after sales service for it.


Transfer Stock

In case of multiple branches within your organization, the inventory module will allow you to implement a controlled inter-branch transfer of stocks from requisition to shipment to receiving.


Quick Stock Identification

Products that have unique codes such as barcode numbers or serial numbers can be accessed quickly and accurately using barcode scanners to minimize time taken in providing service.


Stock Maintenance

The inventory module will allow you to plan and replenish your stocks by maintaining minimum stock levels and setting reorder levels. For perishable goods, SmartERP Platform will prompt you as you approach the end of shelf life so that you can make strategic decisions.


Stock Analysis

The inventory module will help you plan your purchases by providing you with previous consumption data on fast moving items, slow or non-moving items, seasonal items, most expired items and various such customizable analysis tools in SmartERP Platform.

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