Fixed Assets

The fixed assets module in SmartERP Platform helps you to track all your fixed assets across all branches (if any) including depreciation calculations as well as allocating the assets to the employees in cases where the company allots assets to employees and tracking the assets disposal.


Registering of Assets

This will enable you to register the purchase of fixed assets and record necessary information related to the assets.


Allotting of Assets

In cases where the assets are being allocated to employees, you can record the process of allotment and in cases where assets are returned back to the business that can also be captured.


Asset Revaluation

The revaluation of assets can be undertaken in the system and the effect of that will be captured in the ledgers as well as the financial statements


Depreciation Calculation

Whilst registering the asset, you can fill in depreciation details which will then be calculated by the system automatically as a periodic depreciation process.


Asset Disposal

Whilst disposing assets, the system will enable you to calculate the gain or loss on disposal

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